How can you concentrate better while preparing for IIT-JEE?

30 Sep 2022 5 Mins Read By: EXPRTO

Aspirants of IIT JEE go through different levels of pressure or anxiety at times. This often happens when students want to concentrate fully on their preparation but are unable to do so due to lack of proper JEE mentorship.

With Exprto you can get IIT tips by toppers that will solve everyday problems which aspirants face while preparing for their exams. Aspirants can get answers to all their queries by following JEE topper's tips.

According to IIT-JEE preparation tips given by toppers, you should start with a schedule planner and set a goal along with the deadline to keep a track of your everyday preparation. You are required to be highly focused while studying. For more tips on JEE preparations by toppers refer to the suggestions below.

What are some ways of concentrating better for JEE preparation?

1. Stay determined while studying 

It is imperative for candidates to stay determined while studying for IIT-JEE. No matter how much you yearn to crack IIT-JEE, the main ingredient of success is your determination. It's nothing but your willpower that helps you to stay determined during this time.

2. Don't get distracted by Social Media 

Ever since its origin, social media has had both advantages and disadvantages.  On one hand, candidates do get a lot of motivation and exam-related information on social media, on the other, over indulgence can lead to distractions. So, to be able to benefit from social media in IIT-JEE candidates must spend only a reasonable amount of time using various social media channels. 

3. Give yourself some break and stay hydrated

Studying without breaks can be monotonous and also has a negative impact on your learning capability as your body needs some rest too. Take short breaks between studies and go for a walk. Ensure that you keep yourself hydrated, so keep drinking ample amounts of water.

4. Prepare with others 

Since the beginning of school life, it is believed that group studies are effective. Similarly for IIT preparation too consider group study as it will help you to see where you stand among your peers. Exprto too helps and lets you connect with groups of such aspirants whom you can connect with at

5. Be optimistic and motivated

Be optimistic that you will pass the phase and that your hard work will bring great results too. Also, keep yourself motivated as this will help you concentrate better on thinking of good in your subconscious mind. 

You can of course score good marks in JEE exams even after studying for a month and having zero preparation. Start with clearing your basic terms. Check out some expert tips from Exprto. You can also get personal guidance here. 

Mostly one needs to spend 6 hours in that case. Here are some tips from IIT-JEE experts that can be taken into consideration:

  • You can start by writing down chapters that have more weightage in the examination and need less effort.
  • Go through the recorded lectures from youtube and write notes of them.
  • Try to do at least 200 questions from each chapter.
  • Give importance to the topic which you find easy and think is important for exams.
  • Lastly, in the last 20 days revise according to the previous year's question papers to understand the pattern better. 

How does Exprto help you in your IIT-JEE journey?

 At Exprto, we share the secret of success in IIT- JEE and help aspiring students with answers to their queries. You get Toppers to mentor you who are trained to give personalized guidance. Remember that this guidance is also actionable and practical, focused on your exact situation, mindset, strengths, and areas of improvement. The platform is open to those students who want to achieve a good rank in exams like IIT-JEE, and NEET.

How does direct motivation from Exprto benefit you?

Rank boosting techniques that Exprto offers its students-

  1. One-on-one mentorship- On-demand 24*7 doubt-clearing sessions are available.
  2. Paper attempting techniques- A video session on attempting paper techniques is also available.
  3. Smart study techniques- With smart study techniques, one gets a progress report of what one is learning in the program.
  4. Motivation Techniques- With the help of mentors you always get the motivation to carry on your preparation.
  5. Quick Revision shortcuts- Starting from mock tests to quick revision shortcuts you get it all.
  6. Important topics to cover- Provides online Resources/Books and any other doubts, or queries.

How can you register yourself at Exprto?

  1. Register/Login - Fill in your details and select a topper of your choice.
  2. Schedule a call - Select a time slot and book a call with your chosen topper.
  3. Make payment - Choose a payment method & click Pay Now
  4. Wait for a callback - You will receive a call back from the ranker at the selected date and time

IIT-JEE preparations are an ordeal, to say the least. You need access to things like JEE exam preparation tips by toppers to boost your strategy.

Exprto is the solution to all your problems in this respect. Subscribe to Exprto’s mentorship programs today and keep yourself ahead of the crowd!

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