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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits a mentor will get if they join EXPRTO?

If any mentor joins our Exprto platform they will be getting monetary and non-monetary benefits. Apart from these benefits the mentor will also get Letter of Recommendation from the Exprto which will help the mentors in their placements cell. Not only that being the mentor can you change future of the many students.

Does this experience will count in their Colleges?

Yes this experience will count in their colleges in the terms of the Internship Program. The best part is of this internship you can give the time also after your college hours i.e. from 6pm to 11pm.

Do the mentors are getting any type of certificate or LOR?

Yes, we are providing the Internship Completion Letter and also to the Letter of Recommendation to all our mentors.

Any chance of PPO from the EXPRTO?

Yes, there are the chances of the PPO also from our organization. It totally depends on your work. We are the growing company and opportunities can visit to your door at anytime.

What are the non-Monetary benefits?

Some of the Non- Monetary Benefits are-

  • Development in the People Management Skills(PMS)
  • Development in convincing skills
  • Development in Leadership skills
  • Enhanced Counseling skills
  • Pre-placement opportunity with Exprto
  • Can be taken as an Internship Opportunity
  • Development in the student psychology skills
  • Development in creativity skills

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