5 Best Tips on Time Management From NEET Exam Toppers

24 Sep 2022 5 Mins Read By: EXPRTO

In a world that runs at a break-neck speed at every point of its existence, individuals must either keep up with the pace or fall behind. For somebody with a dream as big as cracking the NEET exams, time management becomes exceedingly important. Time management is arranging your time to get more results in less time. Nevertheless, it is easier said than done. Here are certain suggestions that would help you not only manage your time well but also have a holistic approach to your preparation. Remember, it is not always about the ultimate aim. The journey is just as important.

Be aware of your syllabus

It is a known fact that amidst All India Level competitive exams, the NEET exam is one of the toughest to crack and this is owing to the vast syllabus that the aspirant is expected to cover. Let’s face it, one year never seems enough to cover all that you are expected to. However, to finish a syllabus, it is exceedingly important to be familiar with it. You must know the syllabus like the back of your hand. Having a printed copy of the syllabus before you during your time of study helps greatly. Once that happens, you must try and locate the areas in which you excel and those where you are shaky. Needless to mention, you must work on your weaknesses once you recognize them. The best way to do this is to seek out topper tips for NEET exams. Those who have been through the procedure once would inevitably know how to handle the issues better. A mentor not only guides you from a distance but helps you strategize and strengthen your weaknesses. Exprto provides such mentorship for NEET aspirants who are struggling to find their way.

Compartmentalize your study schedules

Although the most effective way of preparing, self-study can often prove to be distracting and inefficient. This is why it is necessary to have a timetable in place. A timetable makes you more disciplined and makes your study much more fruitful. If you are wondering how to prepare for NEET with the 12th board exams coming up, remember that your timetable plays a central role in your preparation strategy. While forming your schedule, it is important to not go overboard and create a routine that is physically impossible for you to follow and also mentally taxing. You will not see results if you fatigue yourself unnecessarily in the name of studying. Thus, form a routine that you know you can follow and then try to stick to it at all costs. A platform like Exprto can help you create an effective timetable as not only does it connect you with a NEET topper but also creates customized timetables for you, as per your personalized requirements. With the help of NEET toppers at Exprto, you can easily form a routine of study and ace your exams.

Choose study materials carefully

  • To begin with, it is very important to not be confused and overburden yourself with more material than you can swallow. Studying the same thing from various texts is hardly ever more beneficial than studying from one or two certified sources.
  • Secondly, you should realize that there is no “fixed” syllabus or a list of books for your NEET exam preparation, and not every book you choose will suit you. You must keep an open mind regarding which material to read and which books would suit you best. You must also keep in mind that innumerable books are available in the market on every topic and not all of them will be beneficial to you.
  • The best way would be to join a NEET mentorship program and seek guidance from those who have already been through the harrowing experience of sorting study material. This would make your job relatively easier.
  • Following only 2 or 3 books per topic out of which you can choose one for a thorough reading and revision. As you must already be aware, NCERT is your Bible and you should try to read between the lines when reading NCERT books.
  • The lesser time you spend going through different materials, the more time you will have to conduct a fruitful and solid study. Thus, it is only wise to seek out help and let an Exprto mentor do the job for you.

Prepare notes

Preparing your personalized notes while conducting your study on a topic is a supremely helpful way to study. This enables you to not only note down your insights while studying but also creates an avenue for you to have quick access to the entire syllabus in your own words. While making your notes, You must keep in mind that they need to be concise and hit the nail on the head every time. Toppers’ tips for NEET often include a suggestion to make effective notes. Exprto mentorship plans can help in this regard as you may access personalized, handwritten notes from the mentors after you sign up for the program.

Always keep time to solve papers

Remember, whether you do it at home or take mock tests, solving a paper inevitably increases your confidence. Mock papers are designed to emulate the actual NEET exam and solving them will give an idea about the experience of sitting for a NEET exam. Solving the previous years’ question papers can further raise your self-confidence level. It would be helpful to have a mentor to clear your doubts in case you get stuck while solving a paper. Exprto brings to your doorstep, the expertise of previous years’ NEET toppers who shall be at your beck and call to guide you through your long-drawn preparation.

Take breaks and have avenues for recreation

Preparing for NEET exams is bound to take a toll on your physical and mental well-being if you do not tread carefully. Hard work and focused study is important and this can only happen if you allow yourself occasional breaks and keep your mind refreshed. Too tight a schedule with no breaks can often lead to a loss of motivation. Therefore, it is wise to study hard with frequent breaks in between to let your mind relax and not get overwhelmed.

These are some of the areas you can look into while going through your NEET preparations. Remember, studying diligently is important, but it is also necessary to conduct a smart study, with resources being available to all and sundry in today’s technologically advanced world, you must always stay a step ahead of the crowd. Exprto membership takes you a long way in achieving this. With the help of their mentorship programs, you can formulate a proper study plan, get guidance about the study material you should use, have your doubts cleared, and receive topper tips for NEET exams.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. To keep yourself ahead of the crowd and give a holistic approach to your NEET preparations, avail Exprto services today!

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