5 Best preparation tips to crack JEE in one year

07 Nov 2022 5 Mins Read By: EXPRTO

Every engineering aspirant dreams of studying in a reputed college one day. With lakhs of aspirants and a limited number of seats in the colleges, special measures need to be taken to crack IIT-JEE.
A common question that comes to the mind of maximum aspirants is whether it is possible to prepare for JEE mains in one year and if yes then how to crack JEE in one year?  Let's try to answer this question today.

Top 10 Preparation Tips to Crack JEE in One Year

To crack JEE in a year candidates must be smart enough to create a good study plan and must be willing to take extra efforts to crack the exam in a year. Following are 5 tips to crack JEE in one year:

Understand the syllabus

Before starting with preparing for the JEE exam, candidates must first understand their syllabus and prepare a study plan accordingly. Everything that you have studied in your 11-12th standard is a part of the syllabus so your study plan should be based on difficulty and understanding level with ample time for revision.

Focus on NCERT

Every engineering aspirant must ensure that they give all their time to studying from their NCERT books. Merely reading them is not enough, to crack JEE in a year one must understand the concepts, formulas, and graphical representations thoroughly as most of the questions in the exam are from NCERT itself.

Fix an attainable goal

Engineering aspirants must fix attainable goals for themselves by evaluating their strengths and weaknesses. For better results make a formula page in your notebook and note all the necessary formulas down as this will help you to memorize them in a proper way. 

Revise well

Revision plays an important role in the last days and in gaining good scores. You can start with 3 lessons per day. Give importance to the topic which you find easy and think is important for exams. This is one of the most important exams of your life and every effort that you make will take you a step closer to cracking JEE in a year.

Keep solving sample papers

Solving mock tests and sample papers is indisputably one of the most important tips to crack JEE in a year. By solving JEE sample papers and mock tests aspirants will be able to evaluate their performance and learn time management and paper-attempting techniques. 

Apart from the above-mentioned 5 tips to crack JEE in a year, engineering aspirants must also opt for mentorship. The preparation journey can be very overwhelming for aspirants and they might feel stuck or demotivated at certain stages. For this, they must opt for a good Mentorship Program and get constant motivation, guidance, concept clarity, and other related help in their preparation journey.

How can Exprto help with your journey?

Exprto has hand-picked a few toppers belonging to diverse backgrounds, and places, and who have had different experiences in the past. The goal is to be the platform where aspirants for IIT JEE can get proper mentorship and guidance during their preparation days.

The platform of Exprto is there to help aspiring students at any time. You will get recent toppers to mentor you who are trained to give personalized guidance. Remember the guidance is also actionable and practical focused on your exact situation, mindset, strengths, and areas of improvement.

The platform is open to those students who want to achieve a good rank in exams like IIT-JEE, 

Rank-boosting techniques that Exprto offers its students

  1. One-on-one mentorship- On-demand 24*7 doubt clearing session is available
  2. Paper attempting techniques- A video session on attempting paper techniques is also available
  3. Smart study techniques- With smart study techniques one gets a progress report of what one is learning in the program
  4. Motivation Techniques- With the help of mentors you always get the motivation to carry on your preparation
  5. Quick Revision shortcuts- Starting  mock test with quick revision shortcuts you get it all
  6. Important topics to cover- Provide online Resources/Books and any other doubts, or queries.

Wondering how it works?

  1. REGISTER/login - Fill in your details and select a Ranker of your choice.
  2. SCHEDULE A CALL- Select a time slot and book a call with your chosen Ranker.
  3. MAKE A PAYMENT- Choose a payment method & click Pay Now
  4. WAIT FOR CALL- You will receive a call back from the ranker at the selected date and time

Start your preparation today, to achieve a better result for tomorrow!

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