5 Important Tips for NEET 2023 Revision Strategy

02 Nov 2022 5 Mins Read By: Exprto

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) is a single-level national exam carried out for medical aspirants enabling them to seek admission to medical courses across different medical institutes of the country. This makes it essential for medical aspirants to prepare well and give ample time for revision for NEET 2023.

Candidates must familiarize themselves with the best revision strategy for NEET 2023. Medical aspirants across the nation will be competing against each other for the limited seats in medical colleges, and it is essential for each of them to be better than the other. Check below for the 5 important tips for NEET 2023 revision

Why revision is important for NEET 2023?

As known, revision plays an important role in any exam. The same goes for India’s single medical entrance exam - NEET, too. Revision for NEET 2023 will help medical aspirants to cover all the major NEET biology, physics, and chemistry topics in the early stage. A good NEET revision strategy will also help the aspirants achieve good results. Exprto brings to you the benefits of revision before the NEET exams

1. All basic concepts renewed

One concept is always linked to another concept. Once you have a clear understanding of the important NEET chapters and concepts, you are ready for the next step, the application.

2. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses

Revision for NEET 2023 will help you analyze your strengths and weaknesses. This analysis will help you focus on your weaknesses and get clarity in concepts and theories.

3. Memory retention

Opting for the best revision strategy for NEET will empower candidates to furnish their memory and build better retention skills.

4. Helps recall details

Revision helps candidates recall details of the topic or subject that they have studied.  This enables them to answer the questions in the NEET question paper in a systematic and timely manner. 

Top 5 revision strategies for NEET 2023

Medical aspirants are advised to check below for the top 5 NEET 2023 revision strategies. These strategies will enable candidates to appear for the exam better prepared than any other competitor of theirs. 

1. Make a study plan

Medical aspirants should review their NEET syllabus and then determine a study plan for themselves. This neet study plan must also be made keeping in mind the number of months available for revision.

2. Focus on the Diagrams and Graphs

Candidates should focus primarily on graphs, flowcharts, and diagrams. Write down all important formulas, theorems, and flowcharts on a whiteboard/graph paper so you can fix them at the last minute.

3. Best books for NEET 2023

It is important to have the right books. You must master the NCERT Class 11 and NCERT Class 12 books. Candidates should also refer to the best NEET books for effective preparation. Candidates are advised to adhere to a thorough revision of the more advanced books rather than referencing them.

4. Practice Regularly

Practicing NEET questions helps test takers improve their test skills. Ensure that you are answering each question in the ideal amount of time. If you're running out of time, then check how many wasted attempts you've made through ignorance or carelessness.

5. Get queries resolved

Medical aspirants must ensure that they get all their queries resolved by an expert on time. Unresolved queries lead to unpreparedness and for an exam like NEET medical aspirants must not take any risk.

How does Exprto help you in your NEET journey?

At Exprto, we share the secret of success in NEET and help aspiring students with answers to their queries. You get NEET toppers to mentor you who are trained to give personalized guidance. Remember that this guidance is also actionable and practical, focused on your exact situation, mindset, strengths, and areas of improvement. The platform is open to those students who want to achieve a good rank in exams like IIT-JEE, and NEET.

How does direct motivation from Exprto benefit you?

Rank-boosting techniques that Exprto offers its students-

  1. One-on-one mentorship- On-demand 24*7 doubt-clearing sessions are available.
  2. Paper attempting techniques- A video session on attempting paper techniques is also available.
  3. Smart study techniques- With smart study techniques, one gets a progress report of what one is learning in the program.
  4. Motivation Techniques- With the help of mentors you always get the motivation to carry on your preparation.
  5. Quick Revision shortcuts- Starting from mock tests to quick revision shortcuts you get it all.
  6. Important topics to cover- Provide online Resources/Books and any other doubts, or queries.

How can you register yourself at Exprto?

  1. Register/Login - Fill in your details and select a topper of your choice.
  2. Schedule a call - Select a time slot and book a call with your chosen topper.
  3. Make payment - Choose a payment method & click Pay Now
  4. Wait for a callback - You will receive a call back from the ranker at the selected date and time

NEET preparations require regular practice and assistance from an expert. You need access to things like NEET exam preparation tips by toppers to boost your strategy.

Exprto is the solution to all your problems in this respect. Subscribe to Exprto’s mentorship programs today and keep yourself ahead of the crowd!

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