6 Best Tips to prepare for IIT-JEE in one year?

08 Aug 2022 5 Mins Read By: EXPRTO

Preparing for IIT JEE is a difficult task irrespective of the time that is given to the preparation. It takes time, focus, willpower, and dedication to achieve such a high-set goal. Planning forms an important part of the preparation because it is at this stage that you chalk out your course of study and set yourself goals to be attained. The process of studying is just as important as the result as it shapes your being. This blog provides an insight into how to prepare for IIT JEE with about a year in your hands.

Know what you are expected to cover

Thorough knowledge of the syllabus is an absolute must for IIT preparations. To be familiar with your assigned syllabus is taking your preparations a step ahead. You must also remember that the IIT exams do not offer a concrete syllabus per se which makes your job even more difficult. If you are opting for a course that leads to such high-profile jobs, you are expected to have a holistic knowledge of your subject. You can take the help of Exprto mentors in this respect. Exprto offers the services of previous years' IIT toppers to help you through your exam preparations. To avail of IIT topper's study plans, visit the Exprto website(www.exprto.com).

What follows a thorough knowledge of the syllabus is recognition of the areas in which you excel and those in which you lag. Admitting your faults to yourself can only provide an extra edge to your preparations because you may then focus your attention on your weaknesses. 

Choosing study material

With new publications bringing out books for IIT aspirants every day and the market is flooded with newer options, it is rather easy to get confused and opt for all the wrong books. The sources you refer to while studying are just as important as the guidance you opt for. A bad book will lead you down the wrong alley and you may get stranded. Thus, it is important to conduct a proper market survey and skim through books to figure out which suits you best and caters to your needs. This can be a rather tiresome task but it may be made easier with the help of Exprto. It is always better to take the help of somebody who has already been through the experience of selecting the proper study material. Expert's mentorship for IIT JEE and NEET can certainly keep you a step ahead of the crowd in this respect.

A healthy tip in this respect would be to study your NCERTs cover to cover. They are your Bible no matter what and the better your understanding of NCERT concepts, the better your chances of acing the IIT exam.

The lesser time you spend going through different materials, the more time you will have to conduct a fruitful and solid study. Thus, it is only wise to seek out help and let an Exprto mentor do the job for you.

Discipline yourself and avoid distractions

At every point in time during your preparation, you must have your goal in mind. Reiterate it to yourself repeatedly. Self-discipline is of utmost importance. A good timetable and proper study material will not get you through if you do not have it in your disciplined nature to see it through. Muster the strength to cut off all distractions from life for a future that you have always imagined yourself in. Avoid spending excessive time on social media because it is more often harmful than not. To know how to increase your productivity levels and to receive more IIT JEE preparation tips and tricks by toppers, avail of Exprto’s mentorship programs. The Exprto mentors will be able to provide you with ways to keep yourself disciplined and integrated into your studies.

Develop a love for your subjects

Let’s face it, if you are trying to crack the IIT exam just for the sake of getting a high-paying job, it is going to be difficult for you to see it through a whole year of rigorous preparation. Perhaps even toppers' study tips for IIT JEE will not be able to help you if you are not motivated enough. Thus, it is necessary to like your subjects of study, to be interested in them, and pursue them with eagerness. Enjoy the complicated logic of Physics. Understand the chemical reactions being related to you. Figure out the working principles of the mathematics formulas instead of mugging them up.

To get an insight into the secret of success to crack IIT-JEE, subscribe to the Exprto’s mentorship plans and be guided by those who have been through your experience before. 

Make proper notes

If you have the habit of preparing notes while studying, you’re already a step ahead of the crowd. Your notes would be your goldmine. They will be personal and will cater to your needs alone. But your note-making process must be effective. Copying down every section of the book into a notebook and calling it your notes will not do the trick. You must know what is relevant and what is not. You must know about topics that are more important than others and give them more space and time. A platform like Exprto can certainly help in this regard because it offers you the guidance of IIT toppers who will help you with personalized notes.


No matter how desperately you want to crack the exam or how dedicated you are, you will lose focus if you do not compartmentalize your life. Every aspect of life is equally important. You must give your brain breaks to recuperate and reconfigure itself. Take breaks whenever necessary. Studying hard is important but quite impossible with a burdened mind.

IIT JEE preparations are an ordeal, to say the least. However, if you have undertaken the challenge, it will only be beneficial to try and look for the positives. Thus, instead of seeing one year as too short a time, you must see it as 365 days of preparation time which is indeed a substantial amount of time. Believe that you can and you will ace your exam. However, confidence will not take you very far if you do not have proper guidance. You need access to things like JEE exam preparation tips by toppers to boost your strategy.

Exprto is the solution to all your problems in this respect. Subscribe to Exprto’s mentorship programs today and keep yourself ahead of the crowd!

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