6 Best Study Tips to Prepare Biology for NEET Exam 2023

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The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test [NEET] is India's single medical entrance examination and is conducted once every year. Medical aspirants preparing for NEET 2023 must be aware of the tips to study biology to crack the exam. 

Biology is a single subject in the NEET syllabus and covers two important topics, Botany and Zoology. Other subjects in the NEET question paper are Physics and Chemistry. Biology in NEET consists of 100 questions, out of which candidates are required to attempt 90 offerings a total of 360 marks. To achieve the best possible score in NEET 2023, aspirants must familiarize themselves with the preparation tips for Biology.

Chapter-wise Weightage in NEET Biology

Given below is the chapter-wise weightage for NEET Biology.


Weightage out of 100

Diversity in Living World


Cell Structure and Function


Structural Organization in Animals and Plants


Plant Physiology


Human Physiology




Genetics and Evolution


Biotechnology and Its Applications


Biology and Human Welfare


Ecology and environment


Preparation Tips for NEET Biology

1. Understand your syllabus

To ace an exam, it is of utmost importance to familiarize yourself with the assigned syllabus. Without a concrete idea about what you need to cover, you will end up like a ship that has lost sight of land after coming very close to it. Once you complete an overall analysis of the syllabus, you will be able to recognize the areas where you are strong as well as the weak areas. Once that happens, you may simply start bettering yourself in what you lack. Take help from Exprto mentors who are here to help you through problems no matter how petty. You may easily seek the secret of success to crack NEET from these toppers and enhance your preparation for NEET Biology.

2. Be wise in choosing your study materials 

With new publications bringing out books for NEET aspirants every day and the market is flooded with newer options, it is rather easy to get confused and opt for all the wrong books. There is no questioning that your NCERTs form the backbone of your preparation. NEET Biology Syllabus comprises topics covered essentially in classes 11 and 12 Botany and Zoology. The subject is quite riddled with definitions and terminologies that must be clarified rather than mugged up. You must remember that a clear concept of Biology could be the deciding factor in cracking the NEET exam.

A good score in the subject creates a vital difference between aspirants who succeed and those who don’t. With the increasing competition in the exam, the standard of questions has certainly been raised. What this means is that you are in dire need of proper mentorship to get through this. It is always better to take the help of somebody who has already been through the experience of selecting the proper study material. Exprto’s mentorship for IIT JEE and NEET can certainly keep you a step ahead of the crowd in this respect. 

3. Categorize your study to suit your needs

You should think about breaking your syllabus up into bite-size pieces so that it may be swallowed easily. There are three basic kinds of categorization possible. Firstly, there are questions from Animal Respiration, Reproduction & Development, Animal Nutrition, Animal Tissues, Biotechnology, Ecology, etc. Which are your basics and a must?

Secondly, you have topics like the Anatomy of Flowering Plants, Animal Kingdom from Porifera to Echinodermata, Microbes, and Origin of Life, Growth Repair and Regeneration, Biodiversity, etc. which are to be done only when you have spare time on your hands.

Finally, topics like Photosynthesis, Cell Structure, Plant Morphology, Plant Nutrition,  Genetics, Monera, Plant Kingdom, etc. must be covered thoroughly without question and do not have a disastrous Biology paper. For further NEET preparation tips by toppers, you must subscribe to the personal mentorship program at Exprto.

4. Self Study

No matter what program you enroll in, no matter what mentor guides you, no matter how many books you buy, nobody can help you if you do not conduct diligent self-study. A rigorous timetable to keep yourself disciplined is also inimical in this respect. Do it with passion and dedication for your future. This is a step necessary, irrespective of your subject of study. This is closely related to the next step.

5. Solve question papers

Unless you can imagine yourself sitting for the actual examination, your preparations remain incomplete. Thus, solving previous years’ question papers is of utmost importance. Not only is this the best way to revise your whole syllabus but it also provides you with an idea about the difficulty level of the exam and gives you a practical understanding of the areas where you must concentrate. Once you begin solving papers, you are bound to end up with queries. These queries must be clarified by those experienced in the area. This help could be provided by a mentor alone. Exprto brings to your doorstep, the expertise of previous years’ NEET toppers who shall be at your beck and call to guide you through your long-drawn preparation.

6. Keep yourself motivated

Once you have followed the above steps, it is necessary to pay attention to your well-being. The NEET exam is without a question a particularly tough one and can take a toll on you. The road to success is far from being a smooth one and it is important to keep yourself in clear sight of your goal to reach it. If your mind is bogged down by negative thoughts, the path becomes foggy. You can subscribe to Exprto to get NEET toppers study plan which will keep you immersed in your preparation as well as motivated.!

How to Stay Motivated During NEET 2023 preparation?

Undertaking the task of cracking the NEET exam is indeed a big challenge. Your NEET 2022-23 preparations are bound to bring about a massive change to your lifestyle, your mental space, and your physical well-being too if you aren’t being careful. It is a long-drawn process that demands proper mentorship which you can easily receive with an Exprto membership plan.

Exprto connects you with a NEET topper who can give you a holistic understanding of particular subjects as well as an overall understanding of the exam itself. 

Having chosen to appear for one of the toughest All-India Exams, you must prepare a strategy and follow it rigorously. Biology is a high-scoring subject and an important one for NEET preparations. Thus, understanding its mechanisms and tricks is highly necessary. This can be done easily through mentorship programs offered by Exprto.

Exprto brings to you the expertise of those who have been through the struggle before you and knows the tips and tricks to get through. To receive the guidance of a topper with first-hand information and to figure out how to crack NEET, connect with Exprto today

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