7 Mistakes to avoid while preparing for NEET exams

29 Nov 2022 5 Mins Read By: Exprto

National Eligibility cum Entrance Test [NEET] is India’s biggest entrance examination for admission to medical colleges in the country. Any mistake can cost a candidate an entire year of hard work and preparations making it extremely essential for them to be careful. A lot of candidates have a wrong perception that if they are academically excellent and have got good grades in their 11th and 12th they will surely be able to crack NEET.

Most candidates do not realize that they are making a mistake until it’s too late. We know you are eager to know those 7 big mistakes that must be avoided when preparing for the NEET 2023 exam, so here they are.

7 big mistakes to avoid while preparing for NEET 2023

NEET aspirants can check below for the 7 big mistakes to avoid in NEET 2023 preparation. Candidates must note that these are some of the common mistakes in NEET as mentioned by the recent toppers and mentors at Exprto. Keeping these in mind while preparing for NEET 2023 can be highly beneficial to a candidate’s success.

Mistake #1 - Underestimating the importance of NCERT

NEET aspirants must not reduce the importance of NCERT books when preparing for the examination. NCERT is stated to be the BIBLE for NEET and it contains all the important theories and their explanations for NEET 2023. Candidates should not just use NCERT books for completing the NEET syllabus but also revise through them thoroughly for the best results.

Mistake #2 - Ignoring concepts and theories

NEET aspirants often tend to answer questions from sample papers or mock tests directly without understanding the concepts and theories well. It is important for them to understand that merely completing the NEET syllabus and not understanding the concepts and theories well will not help them in clearing the exam and securing a seat for themselves in the college and course of their choice.

Mistake #3 - Prioritizing one subject over another

There might be a feeling among candidates that they are strong in a certain subject and paying all their attention to it can help them crack the exam. However, that’s not the case and they will be able to understand this well if they go through the exam pattern of NEET 2023 and its marking scheme. NEET aspirants that every subject is equally important and they must be well-versed with each of them for success.

Mistake #4 - Inconsistency or procrastination

NEET is a highly competitive entrance examination, where lakhs of students appear every year for a few thousand seats in the medical colleges of the nation. To stay ahead of the competition NEET aspirants must be consistent with their efforts and under any circumstances, they should not procrastinate. Candidates must always remember that consistency is the key to success.

Mistake #5 - Excessive indulgence in social media or gadgets

The phase of NEET 2023 preparations is very crucial and requires a candidate’s undivided attention. Excessive indulgence in social media or electronic gadgets will only lead to a waste of time. Once in a while when candidates are on a break from studies they can use their social media but must ensure that they are not on it for long hours

Mistake #6 - Not having a good mentor in the NEET preparation journey

When preparing for NEET 2023 candidates will encounter a lot of hardships in getting concept clarity and face a lot of doubts. Not just this, there will be moments when NEET aspirants will be feeling a lack of confidence and motivation. In such situations, it is essential for aspirants to consult a mentor, who can be a recent topper or an expert in the field. They will help candidates with concept clarity and doubt-solving and boost their confidence. For the best mentors of NEET, you can connect to Exprto and get guidance personally.

Mistake #7 - Not paying proper attention to health and mental well being

Peer pressure, family, and competition stress are common in NEET preparation 2023. It is extremely essential for candidates to pay proper attention to their health and mental well-being. Any negligence in the same can cost a candidate an entire year of preparation and hard work for NEET and risk their chances of clearing the examination. 

The above-mentioned are 7 common mistakes in NEET preparation that candidates must avoid. However, candidates must keep a track of other similar ones too, and ensure that they do not ignore any crucial part of the preparation as every effort counts. 

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts. To keep yourself ahead of the crowd and give a holistic approach to your NEET preparations, avail Exprto services today!

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