Last Month Strategies for NEET Preparation - Tips and Tricks from Toppers

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National Eligibility cum Entrance Test [NEET] is around the corner and it is that time of the year when candidates are super stressed. Every aspirant wants to know the topper’s secrets to success, preparation tips in the last month, paper attempting strategies, and more. 

There has been a lot of speculation around the examination and people continue to keep giving their suggestions on the do’s and don’ts in NEET preparation. However, when this advice comes from a recent NEET topper, the reliability becomes more practical. 

Exam Pattern of NEET

Factors in the exam pattern


  NTA NEET exam date

 The first week of May

 Mode of NEET question paper

 Pen and Paper-based

 Duration of the NEET exam

 3 hours and 20 minutes


 English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Oriya, Malayalam, Kannada, Punjabi, and Urdu

 Question Type

 Multiple choice questions [MCQs]

 Total number of questions  asked in NEET

 A total of 200 questions will be asked out of which candidates will have to answer 180 questions

 Total marks in NEET

 720 Marks

 NEET marking scheme

  • 4 marks will be awarded for each correct answer
  • One mark will be deducted for each wrong attempt
  • No marks for unanswered questions


Last Month NEET Preparation Tips from Toppers

Candidates who have already faced this pressure and completely understand what NEET aspirants have stepped into are the best experts for all sorts of guidance regarding the exam. Here are some tips from the toppers on how they faced the exam pressure and aced their preparations in the last month of NEET.

Tanmay Gupta, AIR 1, NEET 2021, in an interview with Careers360 said that "In the last month, I was more focused on giving more NEET mock tests for the full syllabus. It was NCERT textbook revision and giving mock tests. While in the earlier days, I used to prepare through NCERT textbooks and revision notes provided by the teachers. In the last few days, my focus shifted to taking as many NEET mock tests as possible."

Speaking to Careers360, Anantha Parakrama, AIR 11 in NEET 2020 said that "I use to decide my topics for the day and finish it at any cost. I never counted my time studying as soon as I completed my decided syllabus, I used to chill with my friends." 

Preparation Strategies for NEET in the Last Month

The three main components of creating a healthy last-month preparation strategy for NEET include - a disciplined study routine, marathon revisions, and regular mock test practice.

Now let’s discuss this strategy for NEET preparation in detail. 

1- Prioritize Revisions:

At no point in the preparation journey for NEET, the importance of revisions should be compromised. It goes without saying that NEET aspirants must follow the process of reading, revising, and repeating. All your efforts and hard work go in vain if you don't revise what you have read because revision is an important factor in retaining everything that has been read. You can make a schedule to revise all the important notes at least twice in one month.

2- Study hours and division of time:

Candidates must devote at least 14 hours every day to their studies. This is inclusive of short breaks taken by them for relaxation and other necessary activities. Do not indulge in the use of social media as it leads to a lot of waste of time. When you study continuously you will be able to regularize your study hours, reduce the stress of backlog, and get more disciplined in your studies. You must also divide this time between revisions, mock tests, solving previous year's questions, and so on.

3- Smart Revision Techniques for the NEET exam

Hard work is not enough when preparing for NEET, candidates must also recognize the importance of smart work. Your revision strategies must be strategized in a proper manner, for instance, make a division between question-based revision, comprehensive revision and theory, diagrams-based revisions, and so on. This will help you prepare in a systematic manner and will leave less to no scope for mistakes.

4- Time-bound NEET sample paper solving

Candidates need to know time management at this point in their preparation for NEET. For this, you should practice solving NEET sample question papers and mock tests in the timeframe of the examination. This will enhance your concentration and alertness for the NEET exam day. You must ensure that you answer the questions within the allotted time, especially in the last few days of your NEET preparation. 

5- Progress Evaluation 

Merely answering sample papers and mock tests is not enough for candidates to ace their preparations. It is equally important for candidates to evaluate their performance each time they answer the test. Candidates must look for their strengths and weaknesses and make attempts at studying better. NEET is a highly competitive entrance examination and a small mistake can cost you an entire year of preparations.

6- Speak to a Mentor

It is common for candidates to feel unmotivated and overwhelmed when preparing for NEET, and confusion and queries are common under such circumstances. The best help for all these problems faced by candidates is connecting to a mentor, who can be a recent topper willing to provide you guidance and motivation.

At Exprto you can connect with the best NEET mentors who will be available for your guidance 24*7 and help you with all your requirements in preparations.

Each candidate preparing for NEET has a lot of dreams invested in the form of their preparations to secure a seat in the best medical colleges in the nation. The competition is huge and a lot is at stake, so make sure you do not leave any loose ends. 

To connect with the best NEET mentors studying in top engineering institutes in the country you can connect with Exprto.

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